Drive Enterprise Ireland to success!

Client’s request

Enterprise Ireland France is an entity that promotes the capabilities of Irish companies to the French market. But how to communicate and how to you improve this was Enterprise Ireland France’s question. Create and increase awareness about Irish companies in France.


Our approach

After an introduction and really getting to know the objectives of Enterprise Ireland France we proposed the following: a content driven campaign. To drive EI France’s content in to success.

Targeted and meaningful communication is our cornerstone of success.
A tailor-made content production per sector in function of the needs was a must to get the intended attention, build and engage the community.


A content driven campaign pays off in multiple areas:

It helps you gain broader audience
It informs your audience with the information you want your audience to know
It gains awareness about your product or service
Exactly what we want for EI.
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With the Irish saying: “Show the fatted calf but not the thing that fattened him.” in the back of our minds we developed a unique and successful campaign in which The Irish Advantage always stood out.

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