ADM – Pairing project economy experts and protagonists.

Client’s request

Make the right people aware of the further projectization of the economy. Highlight ADM’s expertise in this particular business area to enforce its reputation. Not a sinecure, especially in a type of business where discretion is key.


Our approach

In close cooperation with PR & communication agency Breaking News, Chantal Neirinck defined a strategy and developed a communication and marketing plan obeying a simple but powerful rule:


Starting from a consistent framework to roll out various types of content expressions, Chantal developed a cross-channel content-driven strategy including blogs, newsletters, digital campaigns, PR actions, cartoons, webinars and live events.

By staying focused on the key assets of the ADM brand and loyal to its values, Chantal managed to build brand reputation further and keep it up. Simultaneously, inviting external experts and key opinion leaders to share their insights with ADM, she managed to extend the company’s reputation towards new, relevant audiences.


In a business segment Chantal had never explored before, she succeeded in delivering the expected results, proposing relevant content to very specific, appropriate targets, insights on the market, trend insights, high CTR and high-quality articles in the press.

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