Pink Lady® – implementation of trade marketing action at Delhaize and Jumbo

Client’s request

Pink Lady® implements various trade marketing initiatives in France, Spain and Italy. For the BENELUX region, they sought a relevant partner. We were entrusted with supporting the activation of their Bee Pink® program in retail, specifically at Delhaize and Jumbo.

Our approach

The initial collaboration is characterized by a proactive, efficient, smooth and transparent partnership with Pink Lady®, with a central focus on the quality of work. We proposed a methodology and a concrete plan encompassing all services and actions required to achieve the predefined objectives. Continuous feedback and evaluation were ensured. The project was divided into 3 phases:

1. Initiation phase: Establishing the operational framework.
- Definition of specific objectives: Raising awareness about the impact of bees on apple cultivation.

- Determining the methodology for a consumer contest in retail and the rollout of communication tools.

- Developing the schedule.
2. Project management phase
- Taking ownership of the methodology and the impact of communication, with the main goal of building a campaign that promotes consumer awareness regarding the natural environment of bees and their activity.

- Mindset: Responsive, creative, and proactive.
3. Reporting phase
Throughout the entire trade marketing journey, encompassing various stages of initiation, execution, and completion. A comprehensive report at the end of the campaign.
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  • Development of a dedicated platform, a website resulting in 2600 visitors in one month.

  • Establishment of sustainable and high-quality partnerships with 3 different beekeeping associations.

  • Increased awareness of the Bee Pink® project within the defined target audience.

  • Visibility in the retail environment demonstrating Pink Lady®’s dynamism to both B2B and B2C audiences.
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