The Igloo, new cool kid in town

Client’s request

The Eskimogang asked us to help them with the branding and marketing of their new cool kid in town. Or should we say factory, Eskimofabriek. They needed a name, baseline, logo and brand positioning.

Our approach

The Eskimofabriek is a textile factory that has been completely renovated and where a successful symbiosis between sports, food, work and parties has become a reality. In April they wanted to add something, or should we say a new place, in Eskimotown.

A multifunctional and innovative space where real life & hybrid encounters take on new meaning. Cool hi-tech in a warm atmosphere.

But how does this space differentiate itself from other spaces in the neighborhood? What are its USP’s? What kind of people do we want to see there? In which way (tone) should it be communication to reach the intended audiences? All kinds of questions in need of answers.

By keeping our heads cool and through interactive conversations, market research, brainstorms and close contact with the client, we created an even cooler branding.


The Igloo. Create. Connect. Cast.

A name that fits nicely within the Eskimofabriek. A baseline that creates clarity. And a logo created by Beeldsmid that connects the text and the visual.

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