Label Rouge – Wave the red flag, to get quality on track.

Client’s request

What came first? The chicken or the egg? To Label Rouge, it doesn’t really matter. As long as the French poultry label gets the results it deserves for the quality it serves. In Belgium, the red label needed an extra boost for its brand awareness and visibility among retailers and customers. Chantal, chick that!

Client’s request

Chantal Neirinck repositioned the brand and product to a premium image, through a multi-layered activation plan, including:

Detection of key messages, tailormade storytelling based on Belgian market’s DNA and insights
Seminars for butchers or retailers In-store B2C promotion by means of animation and tasting stations in different retail outlets or supermarkets in Belgium.
Training sessions and tastings for animators to become true ambassadors of Label Rouge.
Briefings on filière Label Rouge, key messages transmission and sales argumentation
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In this particular COVID-19 context, Chantal managed to adapt the format of training sessions, for both professionals and customers, in an effective way, allowing the buildup of strong partnerships.

Moreover, in a three years period, on behalf of Sopexa, Chantal managed to detect opportunities in the Belgian market, deliver strategic insight for the realization of the activation plan, build strong and trustful relationships with Belgian partners, develop a creative concept following the new positioning and draw up marketing diagnostics to generate sales.

In the meanwhile, as a key speaker at the general meeting of Label Rouge and Synalaf, Chantal gave an in-depth market review of the poultry sector in Belgium.


No cackle symphony, but striking facts and figures. In just one year :

B2C: 22 800 Direct consumers were reached and an estimate of 32 775 indirect consumers, which led to a raise of awareness of 17,000 consumers, resulting in a 35 % increase in sales on animation days.

B2B: Training seminars for butchers led to 81 direct contacts and 845 indirect contacts from retailers, with increased brand awareness amongst 40 wholesale distribution professionals and 10 Points of sale introducing Label Rouge in their stores.

Looking for a marketing expert who effortlessly combines B2B and B2C ?

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