Big Green Egg – Think and act Big, Green, Eggcelent.

Client’s request

While Big Green Egg is a sure bet on the other side of the ocean, the American pioneer and the top favorite for kamado barbecues wanted to see its popularity in the Benelux region reach the level which the quality of its know-how and products deserve. Not to mention help convert brand awareness into revenue growth.

“Get the burning flame amongst your resellers”.

Chantal’s strategic approach: give the dealer network the knowledge and the tools to maximally sustain the brand’s DNA, in store and online. Build up close and sustainable partnership, based on mutual respect and trust.

This common sense strategy then accelerates sales awareness.

Retail marketing is hotter than ever and Chantal’s experience in this area shines.

Our approach

The dealer days, with many creative exercises, allow dealers to understand the customer journey better and capture the tools that convert a visit into a purchase. But also to strengthen ties with the parent company Big Green Egg.
The segmentation of resellers into categories enables them to focus on and maximize each customer experience better.
The Big News newsletter turned out to be a very useful and popular B2B information channel to inspire the dealer network, to inform them on what’s new, to highlight experiences and to activate some of the dealers.
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  • Dealers who fully support the brand and its values. A major and lasting engagement everywhere, in each category. Proud and dedicated people!
  • The growing awareness and conviction amongst customers convinced that Big Green Egg remains, like an evergreen, “Simply the Best”.
  • Successful shopper marketing instore generating extra sales, following the principle of STOP-ENGAGE-LAND.
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