Rose Mary – “Rose Mary: HELP, my friend is dating a chef”.

Client's request

Activate the concept and create awareness around Rose Mary, a Colruyt Group pilot initiative of home-delivered prepared dishes.

Easy? No. Challenging? Sure. That’s what we always go for.

Our approach

Then Chantal said: “Let’s go back before going forward, fast forward”:

We took our market shovel and dug back into the core of the project.

What exactly does Rose Mary offer? What are the USPs? Which overlooked target audiences should we advise to target?

We sharpened Rosemary’s positioning. Focusing on comfort “Need a nice stressless evening? We’ve got it covered! and time savings “Busy day? No problem: we cook for you and our bike courier will be at your house or office in a few hours!

We developed an extra inspiring asset which made Chef Rose Mary’s story even more attractive: a comforting “back to basics” attitude.

Getting back to the various dimensions of convenience food helped us define and deepen a new brand ideality: enjoy, discover and be surprised.

All this was well framed within a particularly sensitive, current and cultural context emphasizing the real, the reliable, the connectedness. And, of course, in a very competitive market.

Then we deepened the brand identity further and developed a concept that could be rolled out in the form of an exciting story, with a solid baseline: Fresh meals made by chefs delivered at home.


A community of young, talented, renowned chefs started rapidly to believe in Rose Mary’s potential. A tasteful collective was born. We developed Rose Mary’s story and tone of voice through content and photography, on the website, social media and billboards.

Interested in how we would boost your “Rose Mary project” into new heights?

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